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TIC LLC Home > Quantitative Modeling & Simulation Work in 2010
  • Developed Strategic Options with the framework of a "quantitative model" together with Decision & Risk Analysis (D&RA) and Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS) for putting up a Photovoltaic Cell and Module Plant in a country environment. This would assist any company, in particular the ones based in the US, EU or Japan in its Market Entry Strategy into a developing country in Asia with a Plant. The model would also assist in developing Strategy for Plant Location and also for Market Penetration.
  • Developed a "Viability Study" with a quantitative model together with D&RA and MCS for putting up a "Solar Park" with PVC Panels or Modules of the order of 35 MW in a suitable location where solar-mapping has already been done. Different locations in India such as the States of Rajastan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have been considered specifically in this study.
  • Policy Issues for a national and state governments and local bodies relating to the installation of "Solar Panels" on residential, commercial and industrial buildings are highlighted with a "Quantitative Model" with D&RA and MCS. This model also handles effectively the economic evaluation for these customers and what would be the most effective policies to have a quick market penetration of solar panels into these customer segments.
  • Market Entry Strategy for a Company to enter any market or country for installation of its Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Technology has been fully developed with the help of a "Quantitative Model", which has been conceptually built to ensure that it." incorporates different Technologies and provide the economic evaluation of each of the technologies together with a D&RA & MCS
  • A Jatropha Biodiesel Value Chain Model has been fully developed which would enable any entrepreneur to undertake this business with all its challenges. This was presented and extremely well received in one of the Seminars by the Center of Management Technology in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia in 2009 and has received a lot of interest from financial institutions who would like to use this model for extending financial assistance to new and existing entrepreneurs.
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