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World Wide Experience

Our President and CEO, Dr. Krishna Kumar and other consultants are extremely knowledgeable of different cultures, have excellent educational and business backgrounds and have extensive multinational expertise. Click on any of the continents on the map for project related information specific to that area.

The outstanding features of Tiara International Consulting will be identified in the following areas:

  • Uniqueness in Quantitative Model Building for each consulting assignment
  • Substantial “out of the box” thinking in looking for solutions
  • Monte Carlo Simulation in the form of Decision & Risk Analysis for every consulting assignment
  • High Quality Offering and Service at a fraction of what it would cost the Client with well-known Consulting Companies

Click on any of the continents in the map for project related information specific to that area.

Home | About The Company | Clients/ Testimonials | Recent Consulting Assignments
Business Sectors | Continent at Interest | Offerings | Contact Us
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