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About the Company
Dr. M.V. Krishna Kumar
Dr. M.V. Krishna Kumar
Tiara International Consulting, L.L.C.(TIC LLC) has as its CEO, Dr. M.V. Krishna Kumar, a seasoned senior executive from Petroleum Industry and former Executive Director of Corporate Consulting and Professor of Global Business at Thunderbird School of Global Management. As Petroleum Executive, Dr. Kumar was coordinating Strategic Planning involving hundreds of millions of dollars in capital investments every year. In Thunderbird School of Global Management, he started Corporate Consulting from grass roots and carried out over 150 international projects involving many Fortune 500 companies the world over. The variety, versatility, complexity and diversity of the projects will stand testimony to the extraordinary skills displayed by the CEO in his earlier role and also by the Consultants working with him.

Our Uniqueness consists in our ability to offer the following:

  • Remarkable quantitative skills with exceptional capabilities in model building specifically for the client's business
  • Significant ability to come up with "Innovative Solutions".
  • Carrying out Monte Carlo Simulation providing a Statistical Risk Analysis

Members of the Advisory Board of Tiara International ConsultingSM
The members of the Advisory Board principally consist of former Chief Executives and Senior Executives of major corporations such as Johnson & Johnson, Citibank, Banker's Trust, JAC Products, Ethyl Corporation and former Faculty and Director of Thunderbird Corporate Consulting Program (TCCP) and former Lead Economist of World Bank and current Director General for National Council for Applied Economic Research (NCAER) in India and former Executive in Residence, Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Dr. Roy Herberger Mr. Rich Puricelli
Mr. Masayuki Mitsuhashi Dr. Suman Bery
Mr. Suresh Kumar Dr. Charles Nielson
Dr. Ajoy Banerjee Mr. Sree Srikanth
Dr. Sudhendu (Shibu) Dhar Mr. Prateep Ghose
Professor Stephen Hayne

Advisory Panel of Consultants
The panel consists of former Senior Consulting Associates of Thunderbird Corporate Consulting Program (TCCP), former executives of G.E. Capital, Merck, Bayer & Novartis and executives with Coca-Cola, Intel, Prudential Insurance and McKinsey & Co.

Mr. Trevor Norris Mr. Mehrdad Koti
Mr. Greg Zemaitis Mr. Jay Bhaskaran
Mr. J.C. Brooke* Mr. Chitoshi Fukuda
Mr. Jorge Martorell Ms. Carey Sebastiany*
Dr. Hari Thrivikramji Mr. Sumir Pal Singh
Mr. T.S.R. Rajan Ms. Jayashree Mukund
Mr. Ravi Kumar* Ms. Sahana Sarma*

* Available subject to other professional commitments

Our Mission:
To provide "high quality" consulting services at a "small fraction" of what it would cost with well-known consulting companies

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